Marquardt Switches (Shanghai) CO Ltd., a member of the Marquardt Group Germany, has chosen to empower the young and creative automotive team by trainings in multiple aspects of modern project management techniques in order to support the Product Development Process (PDP).

These young and creative Chinese experts got new experiences in productive collaboration in teams, creating solutions, developing projects simoultaneously all over the world and way more. Without the risk of a lost working environment focus, they are very delighted in experiences during the case studies, and they showed an impressive learning curve.

Mr. Ke.Tu, Director, Engineering & Sales, Automotive, “I am very impressed about the enthusiasm and willingness of my employees in learning standards for good cooperation and keep on seeing how they would use in daily business with constructive arguments.”

During the two weeks in Shanghai, Werner Horn, responsible for international personal development and training of Marquardt Company, Germany and Jürgen Boss were challenged to perform the trainings.